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Letter: Federal funding for PBS is a smart use of money

Federal funding for PBS is a smart use of money

There has been a call for several decades now for PBS to be defunded by the federal government. I’ve just heard a similar statement in the media recently by some agenda-driven politician. The reason given is always the same. Private television and cable stations can provide the same programing without the federal taxpayer subsidy.

Like many things in life, this seems logical on its surface. But dig a little deeper. While I do see many excellent programs on the History, Smithsonian and other cable channels, there are programs on PBS that are unmatched in their quality and uniqueness. From the Ken Burns historical masterpieces, to the classic rock music documentaries on the Hollies, American garage bands and the Dave Clark Five, to the amazing Nature series, to the recent three-part series on World War I, President Woodrow Wilson and our American society as it existed then, I have not found this level of programming anywhere else.

I understand that many charitable institutions along with private donors supply the bulk of the programming dollars for PBS, but let’s continue the federal taxpayer subsidy. It’s rare that I feel that I’m getting a good value for my tax dollar and this is an example where I am getting my money’s worth.

Lou Speranza


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