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Freddies Doughnuts coming back, by the half-dozen

Freddies Doughnuts will be returning to Buffalo Friday morning, if you can catch the deliveryman.

His first name is Fred, not Freddie, but Fred Frandina has everything else as close to the original as he can make it. He's going to ride a sky-blue doughnut delivery bicycle down Hertel Avenue on April 21, and see how many six-count boxes he can sell. You could call him a doughnut peddler.

"I've heard of Freddies Doughnuts my whole life," said Frandina, whose mother and aunts used to work at Freddies in the 1970s. "I started looking into it and now I'm making doughnuts, and having fun doing it."

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Freddies Doughnuts closed in 1989, and the building at 1655 Main St. was demolished in 2009. But Frandina, who bought the rights and recipe to the well-remembered piece of Buffalo doughnut history, will offer small batches delivered to the public.

His plan is to start on Hertel and Commonwealth avenues around 9 a.m. and head west, see how far he gets, he said. He'll turn left on Elmwood Avenue and head downtown if he hasn't run out. He will have about 50 boxes, each containing six doughnuts for $6. His plan is to vary the box makeup, but for the first run it'll include classic glazed, blueberry pancake, vanilla dip and old-fashioned.

May 5, 1940: Owner of Freddies Doughnuts patents his way into doughnut history

Frandina, who graduated from the University at Buffalo with a civil engineering degree, rented space in a local church as his kitchen. "After this first week, I'll hopefully be ramping up and increasing production substantially."

On Saturday morning, he plans to pick up where he left off and point the doughnut-cycle down Elmwood Avenue, he said. Potential customers can check his status on Facebook, where he will post progress updates.

He can't wait to get started, Frandina said. "The doughnuts are delicious, and I'm happy to be part of a Buffalo tradition."

If you spot the Freddies Doughnut bicycle, you might get to taste some history. (Freddies Doughnuts)

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