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Draft a QB at 10? Tyrod Taylor says he's not worried if the Bills do just that

The Buffalo Bills would be sending a clear message to Tyrod Taylor if they draft a quarterback in the first round next week.

That being, his time here is short.

The team is leaving no rock unturned in their search, meeting with every top prospect at the position in the build up to next week. Coach Sean McDermott explained why that is during the team's pre-draft press conference Thursday.

"Well it's a quarterback-driven league, so very important position," McDermott said. "We feel good about the quarterbacks we have. Really like the work they put in this week, starting with Tyrod and right on down the line. It's an important position, just overall.

"Just like any other position, in order to do our job the right way, for us to just ignore certain positions wouldn't be doing my job, or" General Manager Doug Whaley "doing his job. We're going to look at every position, so that we know that 'X' player is sitting there, we know them inside and out and we can make a good, solid decision for this organization. Quarterback is no different."

If the Bills were to invest the 10th overall pick on a quarterback, it would be only a matter of time before that player is handed the keys to the offense. While Taylor is under contract for the next two seasons, the Bills could release him after 2018 with minimal impact to their salary cap.

"Not necessarily," McDermott said when asked if he worried about the message drafting a quarterback would send to Taylor. "Our players understand we're going to compete and we're going to look at every option for this football team. We're going to earn to the right, No. 1, to be on this football team. And that starts with myself, right through our players, so no different to start. You have to earn the right to start on this football team. Tyrod and I have talked about that, just like I've talked about that with the other players. I believe that's how you do things."

Taylor said he hasn't discussed the possibility with any member of the Bills' coaching staff or front office.

"Ultimately, that decision doesn't involve me," he said. "It's not going to bother me one way or another. I'm just going to continue to keep focusing on things that I know will make me a better player.

"That includes doing what it takes in Phase One and Phase Two" of the offseason program, "getting through a new playbook and just challenging our guys and challenging myself to be better."

If it did happen?

"They would come in here and watch and learn," he said. "I'd do my best to help them, bring them along, but that doesn't distract my focus on this offseason and going out and helping this team win this fall."

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