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Letter: Health care ought to be viewed as a public good

Health care ought to be viewed as a public good

I strongly support the views on health care so well stated in the April 12 letter, “Explore options and create a better health care system.” Americans would be much better off if we viewed health care as a public good, similar to education.

If we treated education as we now treat health care, educating our nation’s children would be haphazard and dependent on the parents’ employer, income, educational background and so on.

Thankfully, we treat education as a public good: we all benefit from having educated children and fellow citizens. Similarly, we all benefit when our families, neighbors, co-workers and employees receive decent health care. We also pay when they do not.

We need a rational approach not limited by our ideological inclinations. My rational mind and reliable statistics tell me that the people of the United States are paying for universal health care coverage, but we are not getting it. Let’s work together to correct that.

David Weeks


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