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Eric Church moves to his own country beat

Some people just refuse to get in line. An aversion to the supposed authority of power-mongers is as natural to these people as the need for oxygen. Just don’t try to tell 'em what to do, and most likely, no one will get hurt.

Eric Church is one such person. He arrived on the country music scene during a time when conformity was the mantra, and it seemed that everyone was eager to go along in order to get along – the artists content to churn out cookie-cutter Bro-country anthems or "Is this really country music?" pop ballads, the radio programmers eager for more easily digestible product, the record labels happy to sell interchangeable ready-made country hits. Church wanted no part of it. He did his own thing, and that thing had much more to do with early rock 'n' roll, Outlaw Country, and American roots music.

Church has integrity. He has attitude. He's got great material. And he's also incredibly popular. So I hope you grabbed your tickets early.

Church plays at 8 p.m. April 20 at KeyBank Center. Get there on time - there isn't an opener and Church will play a marathon three-hour show. Tickets are $20 to $89.50 ( or call 888-223-6000.)

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