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Perry's Ice Cream releases new flavors for 2017

Ice-cream cravings are a year-round tempter for many, but the desire for the sweet, creamy dessert intensifies during the warm months.

Akron, NY-based Perry's Ice Cream has announced its lineup of new flavors for this summer, broken down into four 48-ounce tubs, one 32-ounce container, two novelty items and three flavors specifically for scoop shops across the area.

Two of the flavors, intended to appeal to the younger generation, are modeled after coffee and espresso beverages.

"We found that Millennials enjoy experimenting with coffee, 45 percent expressing interest in cold brew and now our Cold Brew Coffee & Cream is the first of its kind in the ice cream category,” said Perry's president and CEO Robert Denning.

Caramel Frappe. (via Perry's)

The Cold Brew flavor that Denning mentions is a 48-ounce blend of cold-brew coffee and sweet cream ice creams. Caramel Frappe, a 32-ounce container of espresso ice cream with vanilla and caramel swirls, is a limited-edition flavor.

While these flavors do contain caffeine - the cold-brew flavor carries 26 mg of caffeine per serving, while the Caramel Frappe is close behind with 18 mg per serving - the levels are roughly the same as a cup of decaffeinated coffee, Perry's confirmed.

In addition to the cold-brew option, Candy Bar (nougat ice cream with salty caramel swirls, peanuts and fudge chunks) and Cotton Candy, as well as lactose-free Cookie Dough, are the other new 48-ounce options.

Sweet cream and Cool Mint are the new ice-cream sandwich flavors, while the scoop-shop additions are Candy Bar, Peanut Butter Bon Bon (peanut butter ice cream with chocolate swirls and peanut butter bon bons) and Dirt Sundae (chocolate ice cream with both chocolate cookie and marshmallow swirls).

For those hunting for the scoop-shop flavors, Perry's locator can be found here.

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