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Letter: Loss of Science Channel to higher level is unfair

Loss of Science Channel to higher level is unfair

Did anybody notice that after the recent change of ownership of our local cable service to Spectrum, subtle, unannounced changes were made to the program menu? The first time I clicked channel 136, which is a fixture in my life, the awful “not available” sign appeared. I immediately called customer service and was told by the agent that yes, the Science Channel had been moved up to the most expensive tier of programs.

The Science Channel is so important to all of us that it should be included in the basic tier of programs where the other public service channels reside. We learn something every time we tune in. Science is explained and demystified in a very basic and entertaining way. We are introduced to theories and scenarios that would be impossible for most of us to experience as we go about our insular daily lives.

This channel raises the consciousness of all who watch, which results in a general advancement of knowledge of the entire populace, just as the high tide raises all boats. It is one of the very few constructive entertainment sites available. It is a genuine public interest offering that should be available to all viewers.

Apparently, the channel has been so well received that Spectrum found a profit center opportunity and moved it from the middle tier to the premium tier. This irreplaceable channel has been hijacked from the thousands of us who cannot afford or do not desire to have all the extraneous offerings of the premium tier. I urge all viewers to rise up and write in. This should include the local governments that approve franchises. And, by the way, there is always the satellite.

Timothy J. Trost

East Aurora

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