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Letter: Do not underestimate importance of education

Do not underestimate importance of education

Students must finish school and take advantage of every additional educational opportunity they can, whether it’s BOCES or college. The current job market is brutal and unforgiving and it’s only going to be worse for our young people. Don’t learn this the hard way, like I am now.

I am nearing my 50th birthday and was recently forced out of my career of 14 years and am looking for a new career I can grow old into. My company’s owner retired and sold out to new owner, who cut our salary structure to near 30 percent.

The job application process is so extremely impersonal and digitally insulated now that you can’t even shake a hand and leave a paper resume at a prospective employer. The temporary agencies are thriving on these circumstances because full benefits, pensions and chances of full-time, permanent employment are nearly extinct. Most employers offer only minimum wage for high school graduates and unskilled labor. I am now struggling with a part-time job and going back to school to finish my degree to keep my family afloat. It’s times like these that I regret not having finished my college degree 30 years ago.

I must express the critical importance for kids to get as much as they can out of school. If you think it’s hard now, it’s nothing compared to life later on.

Frank Kolbmann


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