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Letter: BTF was not involved in City Honors policy

BTF was not involved in City Honors policy

Once again The News editorial board, in its continuing vendetta against the Buffalo Teachers Federation and Buffalo School Board, has made absurd and false statements.

In expressing its opposition to the new board policy of having the children who attend Buffalo Public Schools having preference over charter and private school students, it accuses the BTF of influencing the School Board’s vote.

For the record, the BTF has neither communicated with board members nor taken a position on the issue of preference for Buffalo Public School students for admission to City Honors – nor is the BTF responsible for the recent snowstorm, closing of schools or the Ebola virus.

Our opposition to charter schools is based upon the fact that:

• The district will send $69,924,800 more to charter schools than it would cost the district if the charter school students returned to the Buffalo Public Schools.

• Charter schools have few, if any, English language learners (Buffalo, 15 percent; charters, 0 to 3 percent). Over 80 different languages are spoken in the Buffalo Public Schools.

• Charter schools have fewer children with special needs (Buffalo, 22 percent; charters, 10 percent or less).

• Charter schools expel “undesirable” students and send them back to the Buffalo Public Schools.

The News also makes the false statement that, in relation to charter school students, “there is no doubt they are part of the Buffalo School District.” Of the approximately 15 charter schools, the only two that may be considered part of the district are Westminster Community Charter School, a conversion charter school operating under the BTF contract, and Enterprise Charter School.

This is not “fake news.” It is false news propagated by The News. But what else is new?

Phil Rumore

President, BTF

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