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Letter: A two-station solution would benefit everyone

A two-station solution would benefit everyone

The debate in Western New York on Buffalo’s Amtrak station is really centered around convenience, urban renewal and pure economics. What we really need is a two-station solution.

Update or replace the existing small station at Canalside and convert it to an antique-look like at Disneyland. It would serve as a destination primarily for tourists. They would be presented with all that Canalside has to offer upon arrival there.

The Central Terminal would be the primary station. It has all the tracks and routes to all places. There is room for lots of parking there. The neighborhood around the Central Terminal needs a kick-start for upgrades and renewal.

Passengers arriving at the Central Terminal would have the option to go to their car or bus or proceed further to Canalside station by rail.

The dual-station concept means it is a win for each location. Each has tons of pros and cons. This solution means each area will prosper.

Craig J. Brozek

Grand Island

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