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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County clerk’s office for the week ending Dec. 9, 2016.

• 3949 Fair Court East, Patrick A. Riley to Lsf9 Master Participation Trust; US Bank Trust NA -Tr, $167,070.

• Townline Road, Ronald P. Stabler to Kerri Waite; Nicholas L. Waite, $167,000.

• 330 North 2nd St., John J. Mayhue; Linda J. Mayhue to Justin Baird; Michelle R. Baird, $275,900.
• Moore Road, Western New York Property Holdings to Peter M. Wizner, $229,900.
• Ransomville Road, Michael Pitonyak; Tina Marie Pitonyak to Joan Leber; Robert J. Leber, $174,900.
• 16 Merrie Road, Theresa M. Murdoch; Theresa M. Rueter to Anna D. Boulay, $170,000.
• Miller Road, Allen Kellinsky to Lawrence S. Mabey; Rebecca L. Mabey, $152,500.
• Niagara St., Jill Rogers to Andrew V. Smiedala; Carla P. Smiedala, $140,000.
• West St., Kenneth G. Smith; Peggy M. Smith to Kyle J. Smith, $120,000.
• Pletcher Road, Peter Mascaro to Kerry A. Karbowski; Michael C. Karbowski, $20,000.

• Standish Road, Francine Lathrop; Salvatore P. Licata to Monie Maninder Scirto; Thomas W. Scirto, $87,000.
• Harvey Ave & Saxton St., Yanci Cruz to Jennifer Brown, $60,000.
• Crosby Ave., Lori L. Robinson to Sandra L. Stabler, $40,000.
• Phelps St., Karleen Foster to Dan Turk, $10,000.
• Washburn St & Spalding St., Jems Unity Enterprises to Dan Turk, $6,000.

• Rebecca Road, Kevin T. Ryan; Kimberly A. Ryan to Heather M. Laduca; Michael J. Laduca, $275,000.
• Cambria Lockport Townline Road, Barry A. May; Mary J. May to Douglas J. Oneill; Josephine A. Oneill, $216,000.
• 7195 Akron Road, Jill M. Haney; Sean P. Haney to HSBC Bank USA NA, $171,129.
• Old Beattie Road, Byron J. Danis to Anthony Coker, $147,840.
• Akron Road, Mark Goldstein; Renate L. Goldstein; Rudolf E. Goldstein; Rudolph Goldstein to Erin Eckerd; Jacqueline K. Eckerd, $137,000.
• Chestnut Ridge Road, Jeffrey W. Lilley to Deborah A. Fuller, $84,800.
• Rochester Road, Dennis E. Cain to Christopher M. Balcom; Crystal Cain, $74,000.
• Cambridge Drive, John W. Carlisle to Brenda Zimmerman; Mark Zimmerman, $10,500.

• &jacques Road, Denita A. Schrader to Keith Harpst, $153,900.
• 3brown Road, Judith A. Wasik; Richard C. Wasik to Brenda J. Kessler; Michael E. Kessler Sr., $112,500.

• Sunnydale Road, Raynee Smith to Joseph C. Licata; Stacey M. Licata, $137,800.
• 80th St., Rhoda Riley to Cody D. Ezak; Tia Marie Tedesco, $133,900.
• Packard Road, Mary E. Moore; Robert C. Moore to Alexandra Dorsaneo, $125,000.
• Carol Court, David G. Kulak to Catherine Kolvek; Robert Kolvek, $106,000.
• 489 80th St., Paul M. Warmington to Leonard J. Beck; Anna C. Bongiovanni, $96,500.
• Mueller Court, Deborah C. Wigler; Paul D. Wigler to David A. Heughan, $95,000.
• 94th St., Robyn Melanie Brese; Rilla J. Keel; Rilla Lorena Keel; Renae Darlene Owens; Stephen Paul Owens to Raynee L. Smith, $92,000.
• 1313 Willow Ave., DHGF to Horizon Trust Co -Cust; John Ritter Ira, $75,000.
• Oak Place, Christine M. Wrobel; Helen M. Wrobel to Michael P. Desantis, $68,000.
• 820 Chilton Ave., DHGF to Horizon Trust Co -Cust; Jeannie Nelson Ira, $67,800.
• 722 4th St., Fannie Mae to Eyal Cohen, $60,000.
• 450 79th St., Fose Properties to Andrea Mae Stephenson, $57,000.
• Pierce Ave., Angela M. Maye to Pernell Rogers, $53,500.
• 1804 Cleveland Ave., DHGF to Horizon Trust Co -Cust; Jeannie Nelson Ira, $51,600.
• 505 19th St., DHGF to Brenda Kydd Ira; Horizon Trust Co -Cust, $49,325.
• 1876 Pierce Ave., DHGF to Horizon Trust Co -Cust; Roy Budgell Ira, $49,000.
• 2912 Nevada Ave & 3520 Hyde Park Boulevard, Anthony Mascaro Irrevocable Disclaimer Trust; Anthony Mascaro Revocable Trust; Frank Mascaro; Teresa Mascaro; Maria Sinatra to William J. Rutkowski, $40,000.
• 8008 Stephenson Ave., Wing Properties to Kabuccino, $34,500.
• 505 19th St., Equity Trust Co -Cust; Kevin Seaman Ira to DHGF, $28,500.
• 550 9th St., Kc Erie Niagara Properties to DHGF, $26,500.
• 1804 Cleveland Ave., Caleb J. Canazzi to DHGF, $26,000.
• 716 Linwood Ave., Shirley R. Gebczyk; Vincent R. Gebczyk to Hammad Reno, $22,500.
• 522 23rd St., Christine E. Mcdougald to Danielle Canazzi Ira; Equity Trust Co -Cust, $14,500.
• 17 C St., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to Kweb Properties, $11,000.
• 56mr South 83rd St., Riverside Condominium Board of Managers to Lasalle Properties, $6,500.
• 1014 & 1016 13th St., Ni-Co Holding to Equity Trust Co -Cust; Linda Canazzi Ira, $6,000.

• Forbes Court, James A. Dosher; Janet D. Dosher to Cristina A. Fleischman; Ryan M. Fleischman, $204,000.
• Castlebar Drive, Heather M. Golden; Heather M. Laduca to Joshua Schlemmer, $169,900.
• Westbrook Drive, Lawrence S. Mabey; Rebecca L. Mabey to Gregory Sander, $163,900.
• Payne Ave., Michelle R. Baird; Michelle Eades; Michelle R. Eades-Baird to David J. Guido, $132,900.
• 831 Fairmont Ave., Jesse M. Mckimm; Deborah J. Toth to Megan J. Bull, $125,000.
• Chipman Pl & Payne Ave., Joshua Schlemmer to Peter F. Johnson; Sharon E. Johnson, $122,500.
• Schenck St., Joseph Pirk; Margaret Pirk to Edward R. Kennelley Jr.; Patricia M. Seitz, $114,000.
• 632 Ruie Road, 632 Ruie Road Trust; Frm Holdings -Tr to Lisa Fischer, $100,000.
• 76mr 5th Ave., Carol A. Paul to Sean P. Oshirak; Shayla A. Woods, $93,500.
• Spaulding St., Racquel E. Kurzweg; Racquel E. Wadding to Mark R. Russell, $82,000.
• 266 Vandervoort St., Amy A. Anderson; Jeffrey L. Anderson to Citizens Bank NA, $63,937.
• 15 Zimmerman St., Phh Mortgage Corp to T Brothers, $50,400.
• 63 8th Ave., Summit Assets to Fallsconnection Holdings, $48,500.

• Mapleton Road, Liza M. Lehman; Nathan S. Lehman to Kim Ryan, $181,000.
• Beach Ridge Road, Joseph D. Farace to Beach Ridge Stables, $40,000.

• Howard Drive, Derek R. Tracy; Jael D. Tracy; Jael D. Wisnieski to Jason D. Cramer; Kathleen A. Cramer, $206,400.
• 2579 New Road, Alexander Davidson; Ruth Ann Davidson to Alexander C. Davidson; Davidson Andrew R A, $90,000.
• Blairville Creek Road, Carl W. Walck; Laurie A. Walck to Charlene A. Young; Kenneth L. Young, $45,000.
• Ransomville Road, Lynn H. Bradley; Roland L. Bradley; Thomas R. Bradley to Aaron I. Bradley; Roland L. Bradley, $40,000.

• Gasport Road, Jennifer A. Gregson to Pj Zamora, $165,000.

• 7329 West Somerset Road, Kimberly Bannan; William Ketch to V Mortgage Reo 3, $212,832.

• 3772 Sage Court, Dominic Saia; Donna M. Saia to Lsf8 Master Participation Trust; US Bank Trust NA -Tr, $250,000.
• Shawnee Road, Patricia A. George; Leo J. Peryea to Adrienne M. George; Jimmey S. George, $174,900.
• Unit #8 Nickis Lane, Maria Czarny; Bozena Vail to Delores Roma; Frank V. Roma, $149,900.
• Jagow Road, Alan D. King; Claudia J. King to Kornacki Olga N Budunova, $145,000.
• 3659 Demler Road, Laura L. Gullo to Elizabeth C. Nikonowicz; Michael M. Nikonowicz, $105,000.
• Old Niagara Falls Boulevard, Colleen G. Alexis; Randy L. Johnston to Bruce L. Alexis; Colleen G. Alexis, $36,000.

• Young St & Lake St., Norbert H. Obrien; Patricia B. Obrien; Patricia B Obrien Living Trust to Wilson Lakefront Properties, $200,000.
• Ide Road, Suzanne Burczyk; Julie Virtuoso to Suzanne Burczyk; Walter L. Burczyk, $87,000.
• Mcchesney St., Tammy Gramlich; Barbara J. Mansfield; David W. Mielke to Linda M. Harvey, $65,000.

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