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Letter: Trump will lead America into another terrible war

Trump will lead America into another terrible war

As a veteran, I am concerned that under the leadership of President Trump, the United States will find itself in a new war. Let’s not forget that this is a president who avoided the draft under the pretext of a heel spur that was never treated to avoid serving during the Vietnam War era. Neither of his sons has served in the military and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has never served.

The 59 cruise missiles fired on Syria came at the cost of $60 million. Yet this administration wants to cut funding for Meals on Wheels. In the past, Trump has gone “on the record” multiple times both in the spoken word and in tweets as being against getting involved in Syria.

Now he claims that the 100 civilians killed in the recent gas attack in Syria moved him and this is why he acted. Yet when Syria gassed 1,400 civilians in a prior gas attack, he wasn’t moved. We have a chicken hawk for a president with no long-range policy to end the crisis in Syria.

Charles Krathaus Jr.


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