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Letter: Reflect on the true meaning of justice during Holy Week

In our time we claim rule by law, community policing and fair courts, but we’ve seen otherwise. The way we treat immigrants, for example. Rules changed, laws revised, executive orders, increases in enforcement, families divided, children crying for mother and father. Immigrants who have been here for years live in constant fear.

Another example of lip service to justice goes back to Iraq War days. A local woman, then working for refugee resettlement, and an Iraqi, now a U.S. citizen, developed a radio station in Iraq to reach and support women and girls in that country. The funds came from the United Nations. The station still broadcasts, but there was a legal issue about the U.N. money. The funds were restored. But now, the case is in federal court here. The jury dismissed most of the charges, and the judge is considering those remaining.

Justice is more than toughness. It is also about mercy. The court should look at the bigger picture. In this case, it involves a man who has done good in this country and for war-torn Iraq. Holy Week would be time to do better than in the Roman world 2,000 years ago.

The Rev. John R. Long


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