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Letter: Let’s breathe new life into Central Terminal

Let’s breathe new life into Central Terminal

I would love to see the Central Terminal revived to a robust destination point. Whether it be for travel, attending a gala, restaurant, shopping, or for just having a reason to walk through the edifice.

I was surprised to read that our terminal is larger than Grand Central Station in New York City. If I remember correctly, Grand Central was once scheduled for a date with the wrecking ball but was spared with a last-minute reprieve.

Several years ago, a companion and I spent a weekend in New York City. We wandered around all the kiosks, selling anything from very expensive olive oil to salami sandwiches to fresh-baked pastries. The famous Oyster Bar restaurant was there, too. We had cocktails and dinner at the mezzanine restaurant with hundreds of people below us coming and going. All under the watchful eye of the big clock in the center. A memorable moment.

It could happen in Buffalo!

Anthony F. Frandina


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