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Letter: Bombing is wake-up call for the world’s dictators

Bombing is wake-up call for the world’s dictators

Once again, a bad case of “grumble-itis” has overtaken the mainstream media, which have expressed beleaguered skepticism as to President Trump’s courageous humanitarian concerns.

Nevertheless, his recent “missile message” to war criminal Bashar Assad was greeted with bipartisan congressional support, substantial public approval, as well as measured accolades from our Mideast allies.

Russia, of course, apparently did not think that the gassing of innocent children required any degree of moral outrage. Vladimir Putin’s misguided outrage at U.S. actions instead probably puts to rest those earlier collusion/conspiracy theories.

In any event, is this a wake-up call for the world’s murderous dictators? I surely hope so!

Ray Pauley

Grand Island

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