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Letter: Weinstein wrong to reject planned methadone clinic

Weinstein wrong to reject planned methadone clinic

I read the paper on April 8 and ran right to my computer to express my anger and disgust at the lack of human compassion at the resistance of Town Supervisor Barry Weinstein for a proposed methadone clinic in an Amherst neighborhood. Our community members would have to live in a cave if we weren’t aware that seven people died in 24 hours in Erie County last month from a lethal overdose of heroin.

In fact, as I am writing this letter, it has been a week since my dear friends lost their outgoing, compassionate and charismatic son to a lethal heroin overdose. I pray that Weinstein never has to experience the anguish and unfathomable heartache of losing a loved one to an overdose. Perhaps he should take a close look at the pain in the faces of the families affected by this addiction. I suggest he attend a wake and see the tears and gut-wrenching guilt of those who will never see their loved one walk through the door again. These families did everything humanly possible to help their children, spouses, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins or friends fight addiction and still feel that they didn’t do enough.

This is a health crisis, just like any other disease. It’s a full-on war and we need to fight it by any means possible. Don’t judge these lost souls, lest you be judged. This proposed clinic in Amherst could potentially lead addicts off the street and prevent them from crimes to feed their addiction. You more than likely have a struggling addict down the street from you. It’s times like these that I miss Susan Grelick more than ever.

Suzy Spiak Podraza


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