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Vic Carucci's Power Take: Beware of NFL smoke clouds

So the Cleveland Browns just might not select stud edge-rusher Myles Garrett with the top overall pick of the NFL Draft and go with quarterback Mitchell Trubisky instead.

So the Buffalo Bills are taking up-close looks at Trubisky and other QB prospects they could be considering at No. 10.

Welcome to the giant cloud of smoke that permeates throughout the NFL this time of year.

It takes the form of information that might very well be short on truth but long on trying to convince other teams to react in ways that benefit clubs sharing their "intentions." In most cases, the goal is to draw trade interest from a team looking to move up.

Garrett is, by far, the best player in the draft. Seeing him go anywhere but No. 1 is ridiculous. If the Browns could gain more choices and still get a QB, that's a win.

I have little doubt in the Bills' desire to move down. What better for-sale sign to put on their pick than to have Sean McDermott and Terry Pegula be as public as possible about their presence at QB workouts?

Excuse me while I cough.

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