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Letter: When will the county repair awful roads in Southtowns?

When will the county repair awful roads in Southtowns?

Many residents in Concord and vicinity are less than amused by the apparent pride taken by County Executive Mark Poloncarz in his performance in maintaining road infrastructure in the county over the past four years of his tenure. Poloncarz asserted in his State of the County address that the $57 million spent last year contributes to a total of $225 million over four years, addressing a total of 1,010 of the county’s 2,400 lane miles of roads.

It would be of interest to know how monies are allocated regionally within the county. Springville-Boston Road is virtually impassable from Springville to Boston, and has been in deplorable condition for years. Many of us in the Southtowns live in a rural environment, where we supply our own water and septic and pay our school taxes, but work in Buffalo. We would like the county to provide a serviceable road to get from our homes to state routes such as Route 219. I would invite Poloncarz to assess the situation for himself by taking a tour of the far Southtowns on Springville-Boston Road and Route 240. As taxpayers, we request that he do so in his private vehicle so as not to cause damage to county property. Indeed, since drafting this letter, I have had to replace a front wheel bearing.

Ken Gross

East Concord

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