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Letter: UB’s treatment of athletes and coaches was shameful

UB’s treatment of athletes and coaches was shameful

The cruel manner in which the University at Buffalo Athletics Department just cut four Division I sports of lesser public renown is reprehensible. Yes, it is UB’s money, which it derives from student fees, to use as it sees fit. But how UB did this, coldheartedly blindsiding coaches and athletes, was absolutely unnecessary, dishonorable and belittling to the contributions all student athletes and coaches make to UB as a whole.

The way this was calculatingly carried out so late in the school year, keeping coaches and players in the dark until the last possible moment about their demise, stinks of trying to get one last full season out of them, without any jumping ship earlier in the year in order to save themselves. Coaches will need to make a mad scramble to find new jobs, some at lesser stations and pay, because of the short notice, when plenty of lead time could have been given.

Some athletes affected may have had the potential for forays into professional or high-level amateur athletics, but now need to rework their life plans. For others, their athletic and academic plans could be thrown off course for an entire year, wreaking havoc with their player eligibility, training, tuition and personal finances, and graduation timing. If given several months of notice, athletes and their families could have reached out to other colleges for a place to land. Not now, though, because of the despicable manner in which the rug was pulled out from under them.

Greg Natale


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