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Mark Gaughan's Power Take: 3 things we all can learn from Sergio

Three things we all can learn from Sergio Garcia’s breakthrough win at the Masters:

1. Persevere and get a lesson. Remember Segio’s waggles in the early 2000s? He’d average 30 re-grips before every shot. He overcame it with the help of his golf-pro dad, Victor. Improving our swing is a lifelong challenge. Get a lesson. Tour pros rely on their swing coaches. We all need occasional help.

2. Practice putting. Sergio was 158th in putting in 2010 and 131st in 2011. He switched to a claw grip and was top-30 the next two years. Seventy percent of my golfing friends never practice putting. They don’t have the patience. Get to the course early on occasion and hit putts.

3. Remember the joy. Back in 2009 and 2010, the course looked like the last place Sergio wanted to be. He rediscovered his mojo. He didn’t let his “majorlessness” define him. It’s funny to watch hackers get furious at themselves. Newsflash: We’re not that good. We’re going to miss shots. Strive to improve but keep reasonable expectations. Our next breakthrough, like Sergio’s, may be around the (Amen) corner.

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