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Letter: NY SAFE Act ignores important protections

NY SAFE Act ignores important protections

A recent PolitiFact column, like coverage everywhere about the NY SAFE Act, made no mention of important aspects of the law. Common law protections in our state and national constitutions are being sidestepped. Even the U.N. Charter opposes criminalizing that which was done legally ex post facto – after the fact.

The deft move of using registration statutes avoids nakedly nullifying constitutional law, but except for a few ugly test cases, it has not been pushed. The prospect of dragging non criminals, or new ones, into court and clogging the courts apparently requires a strong stomach. Earlier similar ban attempts avoided such a mess with “grandfathering” provisions, making laws inapplicable to what was possessed before a ban.

A country where high school and college rifle teams were once common is becoming more like “almost every other nation.”

It seems that our governor and his allies did this because they could. They were simply acting against things and people they don’t like. Every year, FBI raw crime data shows legally owned guns of all types virtually absent from crime stats, while it’s hard to remember any serious push in enforcement policy against traffic in already illegal street weapons in jurisdictions with the worst problems.

Whatever the real thinking, the high-handedness shown by the ruling party of our state and others has been getting worse.

Dan Hoffman


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