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Letter: Don’t dismiss plan as mere ‘nostalgia’

Don’t dismiss plan as mere ‘nostalgia’

So, the mayor opposes “nostalgia” when it comes to revitalizing the Central Terminal. I think that he is disingenuous in dismissing this revitalization as mere “nostalgia.”

Numerous downtown market-rate apartments and lofts are in buildings that developers have retrofitted and repurposed. Part of the charm of such places is precisely the fact that these apartments and lofts are housed in classical, beautiful, now freshly spruced-up and, yes, nostalgic buildings.

A Canalside train station would be most convenient for downtown dwellers and suburbanites who only venture into the city to party and for events. But it would perpetuate Buffalo’s uneven development and not do anything for our East Side.

There is more and more architectural tourism in Buffalo. Great architecture is a key to bringing tourists here. Surely the Central Terminal should be an integral part of that experience. Visitors could begin a great tour right there. The architects who signed a letter supporting the revitalization of the terminal were right. Many cities struggle to resemble authenticity. But in the terminal, Buffalo has the real deal, and a rare opportunity to do something right for the entire city, not just for a favored few.

In terms of economic impact, revitalization of the Central Terminal would be a large-scale anchor project on Buffalo’s East Side. And it would create many building-trades and related jobs.

Remember, Canalside was once just a derelict waterfront. Let’s not go back to the visionless bad old days. Our city deserves more forward-looking leadership from Mayor Byron Brown.

Virginia Grabiner


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