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Front page, April 10, 1917: Head of Buffalo weather office offers part of salary to war fund

Here are some highlights from The Buffalo Evening News of April 10, 1917:

* The British took 9,000 prisoners and 40 guns in a battle with the Germans at the famous Vimy ridge. A German torpedo was also sunk by an enemy submarine off the coast of Belgium.

* A report from Germany describes how German citizens are undernourished and many are starving due to the war. In Cologne and Berlin, nearly half a million people were being fed through municipal kitchens. Every day, the food is stew and there is nothing fried or roasted.

* David Cuthbertson, the meteorologist in charge of the Buffalo Weather Bureau, offered to contribute part of his salary to the nation's war fund. He said: "I feel that I owe to the government my every endeavor and means at this time, when patriotism, men and money are needed in the defense of this beloved country ... I simply want to stand up and be counted as with Uncle Sam in this fight."

* A volunteer reserve corps for the Buffalo police was being formed. If police were called to war, the volunteers could take their place. Roughly 400 men were sought, but organizers were careful not to interfere with the war recruitment effort.

Here's the front page of The Buffalo Evening News from April 10, 1917:


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