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Letter: Pass Medicare for All to improve health care

Pass Medicare for All to improve health care

I was diagnosed by my doctor with an illness. She prescribed medication to help me with the symptoms and pain. When I went to fill it, I was told I needed preauthorization from the insurance company. This could take up to four days, as well as my doctor’s time and energy to get approval. So my doctor prescribed something else, where I encountered the same preauthorization issues.

So my doctor, who I believe knows what is best to treat me, is being dictated to by the insurance company, which expects me to try something else (cheaper) that may not work until it is determined that the original medication is what is needed. Meanwhile I am kept in pain and discomfort and am spending hours on the phone when I am ill.

This brings me to H.R. 686 Medicare for All. We have a system (Medicare) that can be utilized to not work for profit but to help people. Seniors are already in the system and most are quite happy with it. We can add veterans who are covered by the federal government already, then add the children and then the rest. They don’t have to worry about profit and Medicare has a much lower overhead to run, which can be applied to better care.

Maybe it’s time to “eviscerate” the insurance companies! What good are they anyway? Pass Medicare for All, negotiate for drug prices and stop the insanity of profits over people who are ill.

Diana J. Butsch

West Falls

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