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Letter: Citizens have to unite behind our president

Citizens have to unite behind our president

If Kim Jong Un is monitoring mainstream U.S. media, he undoubtedly believes that President Trump does not have the support of the American people and this could conceivably embolden him (more than he already is) to take us on. On top of that, the nightly news is ensuring that he knows exactly what we’ll use to defend ourselves – in effect our “playbook.”

It is inconceivable why any true American would desire and actively work toward the failure of the current administration. The only possible reason would be a self-serving desire to vindicate Hillary Clinton’s abysmal loss of the presidential election. To what end? Have we become so myopic as a nation that we can’t see that if this administration fails, the country fails and takes all of us with it? We are digging our own graves.

Elizabeth Kolby


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