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Letter: Adjust lights, arrows to reduce accidents

Adjust lights, arrows to reduce accidents

I always find it interesting how municipalities toot their whistles about what they’re going to do and then do nothing. How many people have been killed trying to cross Niagara Falls Boulevard from Willow Ridge to just past St. Christopher Church? Five, six or more in just the last few years. What a shame government can’t seem to put anything together to prevent further deaths.

Let me present a few ideas that possibly could help save lives and be relatively inexpensive. Why spend dollars when all that’s needed is to correct what you already have? I spoke with two DOT employees who were working on the light by the church. I advised them of a problem with the poorly timed lights and turn arrows along the boulevard at Ellicott Creek Road, North Ellicott Creek Road and the Amherst Bike Path. They said they were aware of the problems and would correct them. But to my dismay, a year has gone by and nothing has been corrected. It makes a person wonder why.

Could simply setting those lights and arrows properly to coincide with traffic flow eliminate or drastically reduce the incidence of injury or pedestrian fatalities? We will never know unless someone addresses these issues. While adding street lights and sidewalks would probably be advantageous, the updating of existing equipment should be No. 1 on everyone’s list to improve safety and traffic flow to an area that has grown with pedestrians and businesses.

Simply stated: Keep up with what’s taking place in an ever-changing dynamic, stay relevant with needed updates and use common sense. Be active, not reactive, in your approach to safety.

Mark Neupert


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