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Letter: Howard is criticized for telling the truth

Howard is criticized for telling the truth

Well, here we go again. The left’s two favorite targets, Sheriff Tim Howard and Carl Paladino, are being slammed again. What’s their great sin? Telling the truth. You can’t tell liberal elites the truth without being labeled a racist, a bigot or a homophobe. They go into defense mode, too preoccupied with their own views of right and wrong to even consider any other person’s point of view. The tax-and-spend society has ruined this nation, but it’s not the fault of the left – it has to be the conservatives. Jeremy Zellner wants the sheriff to resign. Why? Howard is man enough to voice his views and call nonsense by its given name.

Notice no mention came from Zellner about the protesters covered from top to bottom in black, including their faces. Why would a normal citizen concerned with expressing his First Amendment rights have to cover his face with a mask?

This alignment, left versus right, has gone on too long. The result will be a catastrophe for our whole nation. It’s time people recognized right from wrong; it was a basic tenet of many parents. It seems it should be taught again, along with civility.

Paul J. Ziolkowski


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