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Letter: Freedom of speech applies to all of us

Freedom of speech applies to all of us

I think it’s just ironic how people on the left can complain about Sheriff Tim Howard showing up and speaking at a pro-Trump rally. I think we still have free speech in this country, but then again one has to wonder. How can certain people constantly mock President Trump, make skits on “Saturday Night Live,” call him a racist, comment on the way he looks and make negative comments about his daughter, trying to sabotage her clothing line? What if all this was done to Hillary Clinton or President Barack Obama? All hell would break out!

What is the deal with the anti-Trump protesters who showed up at the rally in Buffalo with half of their faces covered? Were they contemplating getting into a confrontation and didn’t want to have their identities known? Maybe Howard should have covered his face this way. Then people wouldn’t have recognized him and wouldn’t be complaining about him being there.

Karen Gall


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