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Letter: Don’t waste millions on Central Terminal

Don’t waste millions on Central Terminal

Here we go again. First it was $101 million to reconstruct 2.1 miles of the Scajaquada Expressway to satisfy a few walkers, bicyclists, Frederick Olmsted lovers and Assemblyman Sean Ryan. Now it is $149 million (always use the higher estimated cost when dealing with a government project) to refurbish part of the Central Railway Terminal, which is miles from downtown Buffalo, and will be used by only 200 rail riders a day. Rep. Brian Higgins claims the cost is grossly inflated and he can trim at least $7 million from the project.

What is wrong with having the new transportation station built downtown and saving $70 million, seeing that the estimated cost for a downtown site would be half of that of the Central Terminal station? I see a Higgins boondoggle in the making.

Robert O’Donnell


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