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Letter: Bold thinking demands Central Terminal revival

Bold thinking demands Central Terminal revival

Imagination, bold thinking and a summoning of the future require the Central Terminal as the choice for a new and practical train station for Buffalo. This new station should not be a bauble at Canalside that turns its back on the rest of the city, and indeed on the practicality of direct train travel westward to Chicago, which cannot be achieved with a station downtown.

In addition, the stimulus to the surrounding neighborhood around the Central Terminal that would come with redevelopment would be a kick-start to the kind of renewal we see downtown extended to other parts of the city. A ride from the Central Terminal to the hotels and attractions downtown would be a further spur to development, and a brief tour for visitors.

Admittedly there is some risk in choosing the Central Terminal, but we must not be averse to risk-taking. We need to redevelop all of Buffalo. And what an inspiration the exciting and practical reuse of this grand art deco masterpiece would be for those across the nation and indeed the world, building on a growing sense that Buffalo is a new frontier of redevelopment as well as preservation.

Wayne Geist


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