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Letter: Too many entitlements are weakening America

Too many entitlements are weakening America

Our country is so addicted to entitlements. The very word “entitlement” conveys the message that the recipient has a right to the benefit. I am talking about able-bodied people who get cash, food stamps, health insurance, subsidized housing and other welfare benefits. The unfortunate needy should continue to receive our assistance. But the able-bodied should be required to volunteer in a not-for-profit organization or do work for the local government as a condition for receiving benefits.

Democrats constantly want to increase entitlements in order to get their votes. They call it being “progressive.” What they fail to recognize is that the more people who receive and come to depend on entitlements, the sooner society will collapse economically. Our national debt is $20 trillion with no relief on the horizon. And what does our country do? Why we allow illegal immigrants (many of whom do not share our country’s values) and give them entitlements.

John Orlowski


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