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Letter: Planned Parenthood is vital, supporters won’t be silenced

Planned Parenthood is vital, supporters won’t be silenced

For almost a century, Planned Parenthood has served a critical role in our communities, providing safe, affordable health care to women and families. For many, it is the only available source of needed medical care and treatment. The recent attacks on Planned Parenthood are an assault on the preventative care millions of patients receive at their health centers each year.

It is unconscionable that Rep. Chris Collins, along with Republican leadership and the White House, even tried to jam through a bill that would have ended access to Planned Parenthood, cutting millions of women and families off from their health insurance, and threatening critical maternity care and family planning to those most in need, and often available nowhere else.

Over the last few months, we have witnessed a surge in organizing, activism and support for women’s health, and Planned Parenthood in particular. People across America have marched, showed up at town hall meetings, flooded the congressional switchboard with calls, organized online drives and stood up for access to safe, affordable health care. In New York alone, a clear message has been sent to Collins: We will not stand idly by as you try to take away our health care.

Politicians will not stop attacking women’s health care despite the undeniable fact that 75 percent of Americans support Planned Parenthood and everything it stands for. One thing is clear: Millions of Planned Parenthood supporters across this country are now speaking loudly enough to drown them out; they will no longer be silenced. I hope our representatives won’t make the same mistakes with Title X funding, which is back in the news, yet again.

David G. Brock

East Amherst

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