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Letter: DOJ has been prosecuting wrong people in Iraq case

DOJ has been prosecuting wrong people in Iraq case

Thanks to The News and Donn Esmonde for the Viewpoints article on our federal government’s hard-to-comprehend fraud case against Steve Jabar and Deborah Bowers relative to their Iraqi radio station for women and democracy. How can our Department of Justice be anything but unjust when it totally ignores the recommendations of two generals? How more legally and ethically wrong could it be than the prosecutors were in telling the judge in February Jabar would certainly flee if allowed to return to his native Iraq. He has returned for sentencing, reflective of his character and integrity, to the country he believes in, hopes for and risked his life for.

Was the reason for his prosecution his vehement opposition to the Iraq War? Before the war, Pope John Paul II’s special envoy warned President George W. Bush that the war would destabilize the Middle East, cause untold death and destruction, and generate more hate and revenge for years.

Should it not be the political leaders who lied us into the war, who direct the DOJ and who are involved in pursuing Jabar/Bowers on trial? Should not our DOJ employees be required to pay the cost of the trial, investigation, economic costs to Jabar and Bowers, plus compensation for all their humiliation, ridicule, pain and suffering?

Tom Casey

East Aurora

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