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Letter: Skyway is worth saving, Central Terminal is not

Skyway is worth saving, Central Terminal is not

I have heard Rep. Brian Higgins comment about the Skyway and the Central Terminal. He proposed that the Skyway be torn down because of the high cost of repair and maintenance. Before we condemn the Skyway, I would like to know what the alternative would be to handle the same amount of traffic in the same time as the Skyway. Also, what would the cost be for an alternative when compared with maintaining the Skyway?

The Central Terminal is a 90-year-old structure in a part of the city where no one goes. The structure has been closed for the last 35 to 40 years and is much larger than is needed for a train terminal for the amount of train travelers who presently use it. If using the Central Terminal would result in the closing of the Depew Station, would people travel from the suburbs to the terminal? The Depew Station serves many travelers in a very convenient location to satisfy the people in the suburbs. The cost for reviving the Central Terminal would not be justified for the amount of space needed for a new terminal.

One suggestion would be to level the terminal, plant grass and put in shelters and picnic tables for a central park. That may be a way to revive a part of the city and eliminate a structure that would be cost-prohibitive to salvage.

Louis L. Motyka

West Seneca

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