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Letter: Central Terminal is ideal site for transportation hub

Central Terminal is ideal site for transportation hub

The answer to where to locate the new train station lies in their names. Don’t try to make Canalside into something it can’t be. Don’t force-fit a function (transportation) into an area (recreation) just because it’s “a lovely site to welcome arriving tourists,” who can then catch a bus to somewhere else.

Don’t accept the cost estimates recently put forward by singular experts without challenging their assumptions and time frames. Accurate costs require further analysis and consideration of options in order to achieve local consensus before they can be accepted.

The Central Terminal is not only about nostalgically restoring a beautiful building. It is about finally fulfilling its designed mission to be a real central transportation hub, with rail, bus, taxi and any other transportation modes located there, with short connecting hops to the airport, university, Medical Campus, Larkinville and Canalside.

The Central Terminal is also about a rare opportunity to leverage the long-overdue development of the forgotten East Side, which remains the poorest, most segregated, least healthy and most violent part of Buffalo.

The mayor’s recent comments to The News editorial board about the new train station bring into question his objectivity as chairman of the committee that will ultimately decide its location. For our community to have confidence in the process for determining the right location of the new train station, and on behalf of our forgotten neighbors on the East Side, the mayor should recuse himself from that committee in favor of a more qualified, non-political individual who would enjoy the experience and independence required of that position.

Joseph Donofrio, Ph.D.


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