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Life Storage's "She Shed" prank prompts demand for real thing

Hey moms, what if you could have your own private space away from the demands of home? Much like dads have their man caves, what if you could have a luxuriously appointed hideout in which to sip tea and enjoy the silence? And what if you could have that slice of solitude – inside a storage shed – for just $99 per month?

Sounds pretty good, right?

That was the reaction by some when more than a 1 million people viewed Life Storage's "She Shed" advertisement on Facebook and YouTube over the weekend.

Life Storage, a Buffalo-based storage unit company, created the She Shed spot as an April Fools joke, using the hashtag #ThatsWhatSheShed.

It soon got nearly 1,700 shares on Facebook, with users captioning it "I need one!" or "I want one!" or simply "Amen!"

Among those who fell for the stunt, some were deeply disappointed.

After realizing She Shed rentals weren't a real thing, some consumers petitioned Life Storage to create them.

Alas, it will never happen, because camping out in a storage shed is illegal. That doesn't mean it doesn't happen, but storage companies stay vigilant to prevent it.

Customers signing Life Storage's renter agreement vow not to live in the unit. They also vow not to store food (goodbye, relaxing cup of tea) and to be considerate of other renters (bye bye, stereo).

What if the commercial starts giving harried moms ideas?

"Those were some of the things we struggled with when making the video," said Chris Laczi, vice president of marketing at Life Storage. "That's why we tried to make it look as ridiculous as possible."

The video was filmed recently in Rochester using an actor from Syracuse. It has been great exposure for Life Storage, which changed its name from Uncle Bob's Self Storage last summer. The company has more than 650 locations in 29 states.

The prank was so well done, it was singled out by AdWeek, the Washington Post and even Time.

But to those still yearning for a storage-unit She Shed, Life Storage apologizes.

"We just can't do that for you," Laczi said. "Your belongings are more than welcome and you can come visit anytime."


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