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Letter: Some memories are better left in the past

Some memories are better left in the past

In the late 1970s, during an early evening November storm, I returned from a New York City visit into the spacious Central Terminal on Paderewski Drive. I clearly recall the walk through the quiet, snow-covered East Side streets on my way back to my small Days Park apartment. Quite an adventure for a North Boston boy, even after a tour in Vietnam. I was unaware at the time that the terminal’s railroad days were numbered.

Several brief years later, I again found myself within the concourse as my two dogs and I explored the abandoned remains of the once-grand edifice and the surrounding deserted fields. It was a short walk over the tracks from my first home, a 1½-story duplex on Grimes Street just a block away.

Fast forward 24 years to Aug. 15, 2004, when photographer Spencer Tunick’s challenge to the suppressed, socially defiant exhibitionist in many of us beckoned us to the East Side’s monument to that bygone era once more. We joined close to 2,000 others in what could have been the terminal’s 75th birthday celebration dressed appropriately in – what else? – our birthday suits.

Today, my old companion has returned to center stage with calls by many for this weather-worn warrior to regain its once great form and function. As much as I treasure my unique stage of life experiences within the terminal’s massive, cavernous walls, I think for now, as much as I applaud the effort, I’m with the mayor on this one. Fond memories at times are just better left in the past.

Dan Newberry


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