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Letter: Niagara’s Attack Wing puts our region at risk

Niagara’s Attack Wing puts our region at risk

One of the two squadrons operating at the Niagara Air Reserve Station officially recognized and celebrated its role in violating our Constitution and international law. It has changed its name to the 107th Attack Wing, correctly identifying its role as an attack unit rather than a defense unit. We understood it all along and now the base is admitting it to the world.

Assassinations from the base with the MQ-9 Reaper drones and their people-incinerating Hellfire missiles will endanger Western New Yorkers by making the area a legitimate target.

In addition to terrorizing people in other countries and routinely exposing U.S. airmen and women to serious moral injury, communities near the base are at increased risk of being attacked by the victims of its cruel and illegal practices. Shame on the military leadership.

Russell Brown


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