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Letter: Hostel Buffalo-Niagara is great community asset

Hostel Buffalo-Niagara is great community asset

What would it cost the City of Buffalo to send 120,000 goodwill ambassadors from across the U.S., Canada and around the world back to their homes to spread the good news about Buffalo and tell of the warm receptions they received here over the last 20 years staying at our 4½ star-rated local treasure, Hostel Buffalo-Niagara? So much more, I’m certain, than it could ever reap in property taxes from the city-owned building downtown on Main Street where the hostel is located.

The hostel is part of a worldwide network of such accommodations and fills an otherwise unserved niche of the traveling public. Any other city would be thrilled to have it serving the public.

Sadly, it is in danger of having to cease operating because the mayor is marketing the hostel’s home to developers who would create five or six upscale apartments. What a terrible trade-off.

City Hall should abandon its misguided marketing plan and allow Hostel Buffalo-Niagara to continue serving Buffalo in its unique way and, over the next 20 years, host another 120,000 potential goodwill ambassadors to the world.

Dennis Dickman

Donna Dickman


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