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Letter: Give him a chance? No, not on your life!

Give him a chance? No, not on your life!

Give him a chance! Millions love him. Millions cheer him on as he spews rage at judicial rulings that tell him what he is doing is unconstitutional. Millions love him as he uses sleight of hand to fashion a health care plan that would actually take it from them. Millions cheer him on as he demands we cut funding for social programs, including such needless drivel as Meals on Wheels, and art. Who needs food or art when what we really need are more weapons to fend off creepy intruders from countries filled with non-Christians?

Millions roar their approval at his fist-shaking at stealthy immigrants who pick our food and water our lawns all the while plotting to create babies who will grow up and vote against him. Throngs cheer as he places billionaire cronies into positions of power in his Cabinet, who have dubious ties to our archrival, Russia. Hundreds flock to his rallies and cheer as he turns his glowing, grinning, pompous face side to side and bemoans how the last president “wire tapped” his headquarters without providing a shred of evidence or reason to believe him other than him uttering, “believe me.”

Millions gleefully voted a man into power who chronically lies, refuses to release tax returns that may well be hiding unethical money laundering business dealings, all the while fighting off tawdry accusations of unethical ties with Russia. His rise to power was staked on making America great again while professing to grope women, and openly ridiculing handicapped people. Give him a chance? Not on your life.

Stephen Saracino


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