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Front page, March 28, 1917: Man crushed to death by elevator at Hotel Statler

Here are some highlights from the Buffalo Evening News of March 28, 1917:

* A New York Evening Post photographer and his wife were riding in the elevator at the Hotel Statler down from the ninth floor when the elevator stopped on the third floor to pick up more passengers. When the elevator operator went to start the car again, the photographer lurched forward and before the car could be stopped, the man was caught between the top of the elevator and the second floor. His chest and arms were crushed and he died from the impact.

* The 74th New York Infantry of Buffalo was called to federal duty as the U.S. entering World War I was expected any day. The 1,000 enlisted men and 51 officers were expected to spend a couple of weeks equipping themselves at the Connecticut Street Armory before deployment.

* Quick preparations were made to protect power plants in Niagara Falls from any German threat. Searchlights were placed on roofs to sweep the river at night, barbed wire fences were being built and soldiers were stationed at the properties. Militiamen were also stationed at area bridges.

* Adolf Vattes, a German living in Geneva, N.Y., was arrested for trying to kill himself with a knife. Vattes was an alleged spy and a search of his personal effects included maps, clippings, photos and "other suspicious documents."

Here's the front page of the Buffalo Evening News from March 28, 1917:

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