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Letter: Trump’s budget plan will hurt Americans

Trump’s budget plan will hurt Americans

We now have President Trump’s death budget. Money will not be spent on protecting our environment – more cancer. Money will be spent on weapons – more death. Money will not be spent for outreach and help to struggling governments – more enemies for the American people.

How much will Trump spend on medical research? No real answers – more death. We could have 54 million Americans with no medical insurance in 2026. Do Trump and Rep. Paul Ryan really care? Seems that they don’t. All of Trump’s promises in the town rallies and tweets amount to no real action for the American people.

He will send more people into the coal mines and more carcinogens into the air – more death. Why would lily white Trump and his privileged family care? They live in a fantasyland made of hotels, clothing lines, perfumes and beauty contests. As they say, the emperor fiddles while Washington (Rome) burns. We are the ones getting burned by this death budget.

Joseph Yonder


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