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Letter: Reckless drivers endanger everybody else on the road

Reckless drivers endanger everybody else on the road

I have come to the conclusion that most drivers have lost their mind. Driving a car was once enjoyable. Now it has become taking your life in your hands. I have been driving for 58 years. I have a new Corvette that can do 200 mph, but I seldom speed. I can’t go anywhere and do the speed limit without some knucklehead tailgating me.

I go on the Thruway and set my cruise at 62 in a 55 mph zone. Guess what? Every car passes me doing 70 to 80 mph. To boot, most are following each other much too closely. At 60 mph you are traveling 88 feet per second. You should be at least 100 feet behind a car. Most drivers rarely leave 50 feet. And you wonder why there are so many rear-end collisions? Not to mention insane lane changes.

These drivers need a driving course. It is absolutely crazy to risk a $150 speeding ticket or a possible accident to save five minutes. What ever happened to courtesy and common sense on the road?

John Lutz

Orchard Park

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