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Front page, March 27, 1917: Theodore Roosevelt kills two octopuses

Here are some highlights from the Buffalo Evening News of March 27, 1917:

* The U.S. entrance to World War I was imminent as President Woodrow Wilson was set to address Congress on April 2. The Buffalo Evening News ran a call on its front page for Red Cross membership that would help the war effort:

War has one ennobling phase.

The succor and care of the wounded, the sick and the dependents.

War we shall doubtless have always with us.

Events of the two years passed indicate that the fundamentals of society remain unchanged.

We have the refinements of civilization, the frills and furbelows, but we differ no white from our brothers of centuries gone – the same hates, the same desire for revenge and, if not for conquest, then certainly for the defense of what we hold, our homes and our country.

It is not a business of uplift, this business of war.

It is brutalizing, it is grim, it is everything else that is unpleasant, distressing and inhuman.

Read the front page below for the full text of the plea.

* Theodore Roosevelt was on a "devil-fish" hunting expedition off the Florida coast when he caught two octopuses with a spade lance, "one of them fought desperately, dragging the launch more than two miles and nearly upsetting it."

* Accidents on the Delaware Avenue "s-curve" are nothing new. Four people were in a car accident on Delaware Avenue just past the arch bridge when the car skidded, jumped the curb and crashed into a tree near the fence of Forest Lawn. Two women suffered fractured skulls.

* A Sanborn resident was arrested for "insulting the American flag" after he pinned a button bearing the U.S. flag on a whiskey bottle at the Tuscarora Indian picnic, then "ridiculed it."

Here's the front page of the Buffalo Evening News from March 27, 1917:

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