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Front page, March 26, 1917: Soldiers guard Niagara Falls power plants from German threat

Here are some highlights from the Buffalo Evening News of March 26, 1917:

* With the threat of war with Germany imminent, the U.S. is taking precautions at home against "German spying or ruthlessness." Militias are being called to order across the country to guard arsenals, munition plants, ship yards, docks, big bridge spans and public buildings.

* Soldiers were stationed at power plants in Niagara Falls to prevent "attacks of anti-American plotters." Governor Whitman called for the Third Infantry to guard the two big plants and the 74th Infantry was on call. Major Arthur Kemp of the 7th Infantry, however, didn't consider there to be any real threat.

* As famed evangelist Billy Sunday ended his residency here, Buffalonians gathered a freewill offering of over $42,000 to send him off. Sunday said "a person must be an idiot if he cannot see that God is pouring out His spirit upon Buffalo as never before."

* Seven Canadian farmers were charged with drunkenness in Buffalo when they were on their way to see Billy Sunday's sermon. Their sentences were suspended when they "all promised to hit the trail."

Here's the front page of the Buffalo Evening News from March 26, 1917:

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