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White supremacist fliers found in Lewiston

Fliers related to white supremacist topics were found earlier this week in the driveways of more than a dozen homes in Lewiston, according to town police.

Lewiston Police Chief Frank Previte said the fliers were distributed sometime between late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning.

They were found at properties on Mohawk Street, Chicora Road and Lower River Road in the town, he said.

The number of homes that received the fliers was more than 10 but less than 20, the police chief told The Buffalo News.

"There were three different fliers. They were not contained in one package. Each contained one and one was left in each house, but they varied," Previte said.

"On one, the heading was 'Black on White Crime,' and it gave statistics relating to that. The other had to do with immigrants and illegal immigation, and kind of addressed that, as far as giving information. And the other, the title of that was 'White Lives Matter,' and it seemed to be informational, as far as (promoting a) separatist kind of ideology," Previte said.

Previte said some of the fliers included a website address and information promoting white supremacist ideology that also encouraged white people to band together and organize local meetings.

There was a hashtag on the bottom of one form of the fliers for a hashtag promoted by a white nationalist group, according to the police chief.

Lewiston Police were treating the matter as an open investigation to determine who was responsible for distributing the fliers, Previte said.

"In reviewing the material that was disseminated, there's nothing in there that advocates or threatens any violence of any kind," the chief said.

"The documents that we have right now wouldn't rise to the level of a crime. The only issue that we would have at this point would be the distribution of them," Previte added. "Technically, it would be a littering violation, according to the code in the village and the town. I mean, you can't just throw stuff in people's driveways."

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