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Letter: Trump must abandon discriminatory orders

Trump must abandon discriminatory orders

Executive Order on Immigration 2.0 – small tweaks – same train wreck of inimical motivations and unintended consequences. The first order banned travel from seven Muslim-majority countries and blocked all refugees for 120 days. After a federal court in Seattle blocked it, the administration tried again, only to be promptly blocked by another federal court. The administration must immediately disavow and abandon such discriminatory and damaging measures.

But this ban is critical for our national security, isn’t it? No. Every terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11 has been perpetrated by U.S. citizens born here or nationals not of those six or seven Muslim countries. This measure ignores the hate attacks and crimes by white supremacists who have surged in the U.S. in the past year. These are no less fatal or terroristic. So not only does Trump’s order do nothing to improve our security, the danger is actually magnified. By reinforcing America’s image as the enemy of Islam, the order hands extremist terrorists everywhere one more tool for winning recruits.

The damage of this order goes further. Our immigrant and Muslim communities live with fear and uncertainty, targeted by bigots encouraged by the administration’s racist actions and words, anticipating repression by the police or government, afraid that the rights of legal residence or citizenship may no longer offer protection. Foreign students, scientists and engineers question whether they want to travel to the U.S., depriving our economy and society of their contributions of work and money. Our national image as a beacon of tolerance and freedom is tarnished again.

We as a nation are better than this. May President Trump see a better way, and meet the world with a touch of humility, thoughtfulness and love.

Todd Mitchell


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