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Letter: County authority delivers safe, high-quality tap water

County authority delivers safe, high-quality tap water

I’m writing in response to the letter, “We all should be in favor of protecting water, air.” The writer’s devotion to the environment is admirable, but I would urge a similar devotion to facts.

The Erie County Water Authority has a team of highly skilled laboratory analysts, a nationally recognized Water Quality Department and New York State-certified water treatment operators who monitor and test the drinking water around the clock to ensure the highest possible quality for our customers.

We perform an average of 2,000 various tests per week, both in the water system and at our treatment facilities. Our water is regularly tested for a variety of microbes, herbicides, pesticides, metals, organic, inorganic and synthetic compounds and meets all EPA limits for each.

We also participate with the local DEA office in its Drug Take-Back Event, which promotes the safe disposal of unused drugs, keeping them off the street and out of our region’s water supply.

Contrary to the writer’s baseless assertions, the Water Authority routinely delivers safe and abundant tap water that continues to meet or exceed state and federal standards every year. Statements otherwise are simply false.

Paul Whittam

Director of Water Quality

Erie County Water Authority

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