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Letter: Collins’ greed, cowardice don’t help his constituents

Collins’ greed, cowardice don’t help his constituents

Because of gerrymandering, I got stuck with Chris Collins as my congressional representative. He no more represents me than does the narcissistic sociopath who was somehow elected president.

If you look into Collins’ public sector and political background, you will find he has done nothing but use his past positions to line his pockets, usually at the expense of his employees or constituents, while doing absolutely nothing to help either.

He is an example of what is generally wrong with many of the politicians, generally Republican, in this country. They execute a plan that fools the sadly misinformed (Fox News), plays to subtle racist tendencies and capitalizes on the general political apathy or ignorance of their voting public, all by telling or retelling out-and-out lies about their intentions and/or consequences of their policies.

Collins is simply a coward to not have held town hall style meetings, that’s obvious. Tom Reed, the Republican rep in the district south of here, with whom I am sure I strongly disagree on policy, at least had the courage to hold town halls recently, and for that I can respect him. Policy differences are one thing. Greed, malfeasance and cowardice are something entirely different.

Dann Wulf

Orchard Park

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