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Letter: We’ve made great strides, so let’s not turn back now

We’ve made great strides, so let’s not turn back now

Since 1965, when Congress created Medicaid and Medicare, health care programs under the Affordable Care Act have made a huge difference in the health of people who qualify for them. Unfortunately, these programs are being threatened. One example is that some states will not support pre-existing conditions.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities data, which includes the SNAP (food stamp) data from 2015, concludes that these safety-net programs reduce poverty by half.

Administration and congressional leaders want to give states a yearly lump sum, known as block grants. We believe that block grants are a bad idea, because if the economy fails or recession hits, more people will need assistance. States will then cut back funds, leaving families without support.

Contact your member of Congress and voice your opinion. Health care access through Medicaid and Medicare helps keep our people working, healthy and productive.

Judith M. Metzger

James A. Metzger


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